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Test and Tag Norwoodtest and tag

Our company does electrical test and tag in Norwood and other suburbs in Adelaide. At ServiceCorp we offer electrical test and tag cost effecting to your business. We work with many businesses in Norwood to ensure their test and tag program is conducted correctly & they are compliant with Australian Standard AS/NZ 3760 2010. This is the Australian Standard that dictates how your electrical management plan should be managed. The best form of managing this plan is through a well structured test and tag program.

What is the Test and Tag cost?

At ServiceCorp test and tag we offer a cost effective solution that is charged per item. Which normally has no site fee or charge for reporting or certificate of compliance. So you only pay for the amount of items you require to be tested.

Do you Test and Tag at my Norwood Address?

Yes, we will come to you! We complete electrical test and tagging at your address in normal 9-5 business hours. However we can come to you on weekend or outside of normal hours at no extra cost if required!

How often does my electrical test and tag need doing?

The answer to this is..... It depends, there are two factors that this will depend on:

  1. The location of the appliance. If the appliance is in warehouse or factory, you are probably need to have the item test and tagged every 6 months.
  2. The type of appliance. Different appliances need to be tested at different intervals.

You technician will be able to assist you with the different frequencies & install a test and tag program that will ensure you are compliant.

How will I know when my test and tag is next due?

Because different items will be due on different times. We will notify you when you testing is due & we will keep a record of what appliance need testing & when. So you wont need to worry at all!

Do you do other suburbs other than Norwood only?

Yes! We complete test and tagging throughout all of South Australia & even go interstate. But some of the areas we test and tag near Norwood are: Kent Town, Adelaide, Toorak Gardens, Kensington Park, Tranmere, St. Peters, Stepney, North Adelaide, Glenside Hackney.

To get a free quote on test and tag today, contact us through our 'request a quote' page!

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