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  • Appliance Test and Tag
    Appliance test and tag is the process of inspecting and testing electrical appliances, to ensure the safety of your staff, customers & contractors.    
  • RCD Test & Tag (Safety Switch Testing)
    RCD Test & Tag (or Safety Switch testing) is required under Australian Standard AS/NZS3760 for all businesses in Australia.
  • Fire Equipment Test and Tag
    Fire Equipment testing is a very important part of any businesses obligations. Ensuring that your fire equipment works when it is needed can save life, property, equipment and loss of productivity.

Test and Tag Process


Customer Contact
When we first get in contact with you we will provide you with a quote & a client order form. Once you are happy to go ahead, we will call you to book in your testing. We will then provide you with an instructional email to send to your staff so they can be prepared for testing, ensuring your testing is carried out in the smoothest way possible.


Technician Visit
When we arrive on site, we will meet with you and make sure we sign off on any WH&S obligations you might have, then we will then discuss with you the best way to conduct your test and tagging with minimal distractions to your employees. Once the work is completed, we will meet with you and advise of any failed items. We will also ensure you are happy with testing completed before leaving.


Reporting & Documents
After your testing has been completed, our Admin team will provide you with 'Full Reporting', as well as a ‘Certificate of Compliance’. We also keep all of your records on file for a minimum of 7 years. Our customer management system will alert us next time your testing is next due. So you don't have to remember, we will notify you approximately four weeks prior and arrange a time to come out.


  • Boost Juice

    ServiceCorp | test and tag come to our store and test and tag our electrical & fire equipment before we open which means our staff & customers are not effected by the testing, but we still remain compliant to our head office & government obligations. Very Happy!

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  • Ray White Real-estate
    Nick, Owner

    Being able to have both test & tag and fire maintenance done by the same company is so easy! And we don’t even have to remember when testing is due because ServiceCorp will notify us! How great!

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  • Bianco Construction
    OH&S Officer

    ServiceCorp are great! They came in and did our test and tagging in half the time of our last provider. From start to finish they gave us a stress free experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

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