Fire Blanket Testing

What is Fire Blanket Testing?

Fire Blanket Testing is the process of:

  • Inspecting the surrounding area of the fire blanket
  • Inspecting the correct signage is being displayed
  • Visually Inspecting the Fire Blanket
  • Reporting
Why use a fire blanket?

Fire Blankets are very useful in areas such as kitchens or other areas that use open flames.

Why Test a Fire Blanket?

Even-tho fire blankets don't have any moving parts, it is still very important to test them regularly. Ensuring fire blankets are in the right place, have correct signage & you have the right one are just some of the reasons to test regularly.

Am I required to test my fire blanket?

Yes, under AS 1851 - 2010 fire blankets are required to be tested every 6 month.

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