Appliance Test and Tag

At ServiceCorp | Test and Tagging our core business is electrical test and tagging & our staff have been doing it for years! We are very committed to ensuring we have a great relationship with all of our client and we are fulfilling our promises.

Why Test and Tag?

Having an electrical maintenance program is required under Australian Standard AS/NZ 3760:2010. Test and Tagging has been proven to be the most effective way to do this.

What is the process of Appliance Test and Tagging?

Appliance test and tagging is the process of:

  • Visually inspecting all electrical appliances
  • Electronically testing all appliances
  • Tagging & bar coding all appliances
What reporting do ServiceCorp Test and Tag offer?

ServiceCorp Test and Tag provide Full Reporting & a Certificate of Compliance. So if your business is ever audited, or if it's required for insurance purposes you will have all of your required documents. Also we will keep all of your records on file for a minimum of 7 years, if you ever lose your copy.

 Will you notify me next time my test and tag is due?

Yes, ServiceCorp | Test and Tag have a sophisticated customer management program. So we will know when your testing is next due & we will notify you about 4 weeks prior.

If your business requires electrical test and tagging, please feel free to contact us for a obligation free quote.

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