Fire Hose Reel / Hydrant Testing

What is Fire Hose Reel & Hydrant Testing?

Fire Hose Reels & Hydrant testing ensures your equipment will work when it's urgently needed. Often a fire can be contained or extinguished if the right equipment is installed and working correctly. Fire Hose Reels & Hydrants have been proven to be very effective with fires.

How often am I required to test my Fire Hose Reel & Hydrants?

Fire Hose Reel & Hydrant testing is required to be done every 6 months under Australian Standard AS1851 - 2012. Regular testing your fire equipment is your obligation under Australian legislation.

Who can test my Fire Hose Reel & Hydrants?

Fire Hose Reels & Hydrants are required to be tested by a competent person. At ServiceCorp - Test and Tag we offers compliance to our clients by providing testing withing the Australian Standards & Guidelines.

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