Emergency Exit Light Testing

What is Emergency Exit Light Testing?

Emergency Exit Light Testing is the process of:

  • Visually Inspecting
  • 90 minute battery test
  • Cleaning the Emergency Exit Light
  • Reporting on if the light Passed / Failed
What are my obligations on Testing Emergency Exit Lights?

Under Australian Standard AS2293.2 businesses, schools and other work places are required to have emergency exit lights tested regularly to ensure they are always in working condition & will also work under loss of power.

How often am I required to get my Emergency Exit Light Tested?

Emergency Exit Lights are required to be tested every 6 months.

What if my Emergency Exit Light needs repairing/replacing?

ServiceCorp - Test and Tag Technicians are able to do basic repairs. If the repair is more serious or you require a new emergency exit light we do have electricians that are able to repair/replace the emergency exit light or you can use your own electrician.

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