Microwave Leakage Testing

What is Microwave Leakage Testing?

Microwave leakage testing is the process of testing a microwave for how much radiation it leaks while in use.

Why should I get Microwave Leakage Testing done?

ALL microwaves leak radiation, it just comes down to how much they leak. Some older, cheaper, damaged or poor designed microwaves can produce more radiation then is considered safe. If you want to protect yourself, staff or family, microwave leakage testing is a great way to do this.

How often should I test my microwave?

We recommend testing your microwaves every 12 months, to ensure that your staff, family, customers are not being effected by radiation.

How much does Microwave Leakage Cost?

Price does depend on your location, how many microwaves you require to be tested and if you are getting any other services done with ServiceCorp - Test and Tag.  However Microwave Leakage Testing is not an expensive service & it can substantially protect your health.

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