ServiceCorp | test and tag come to our store and test and tag our electrical & fire equipment before we open which means our staff & customers are not effected by the testing, but we still remain compliant to our head office & government obligations. Very Happy!


Being able to have both test & tag and fire maintenance done by the same company is so easy! And we don’t even have to remember when testing is due because ServiceCorp will notify us! How great!

, Owner

ServiceCorp are great! They came in and did our test and tagging in half the time of our last provider. From start to finish they gave us a stress free experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

OH&S Officer

We had ServiceCorp come out to do our test and tag. They were very easy to deal with and got the job done with NO distractions to our day. Very efficient and friendly, I would highly recommend them!

, Owner