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Welcome to ServiceCorp - Test and Tag Adelaide! You know getting Electrical Test and Tag done in Adelaide is very important! But you just want to get on with your day to day business and don't have time to worry about test and tag done! We know, but this puts YOU at risk. Adelaide city council as well as other councils and government bodies & Safework South Australia are often cracking down on businesses that aren't maintaining their electrical maintenance equipment properly. If you were to have an incident at your workplace & test and tagging hadn't been done, YOU could be held responsible. It can be that serious! Test and Tag has been proven to be the best and most cost effective way to do this maintain your electrical appliance & ensure your performing your duty of care to your staff and any other person at your place of business. At ServiceCorp - Test and Tag Adelaide we are able to assist you in implementing a electrical maintenance program.

At ServiceCorp  we have some amazing competitors! Express Test and Tag, Appliance Tagging Services, Jim's Test and Tag to only name a few. We do everything we can to offer the strong level of service these companies offer. Which we feel that we do extremely well!

Trust your safety with our Adelaide Test and Tag Technicians

At ServiceCorp - test and tag Adelaide we offer electrical test and tagging & RCD test and tag & fire testing for many clients across Adelaide & South Australia. We are dedicated to your safety as well as your staff's & customers safety. Our technicians have been working in the industry for many years and have the experience to ensure your test and tagging is a very smooth process. If your interested in a Adelaide test and tagging company that you will be happy to use time and time again, contact ServiceCorp - Test and Tag Adelaide today.

Let us manage your electrical testing program today! Our friendly professional staff have been in the safety industry for many years and are here to help. Our office staff are friendly and will ensure your testing is arranged and managed extremely well. Our field team are very competent and willing to work around your requirements.


ServiceCorp - Test and Tag Adelaide - 3 Step Process

Customer Contact

After you have made contact with us we will send you a client order form, where you can specify the services you would like our test and tag technician to carry out on the day of testing. E.g. Electrical test and tag, RCD test and tag, Fire Equipment Test and Tagging.


Technician Visit

Our test and tag technician will visit your workplace in Adelaide and conduct the electrical test and tagging. Our technicians are trained to ensure they carry out testing with minimal disruption to your workplace. Ensuring any failed items are tagged out or removed from site.



Reporting & Documents

Once test and tagging is completed we will send your all test and tag reporting & a certificate of compliance to your Adelaide address or via email. We will also keep these records on file for a minimum of 7 years also. Then next time your testing is due, we will notify you, so you don't need to worry!



About ServiceCorp - Test and Tag Adelaide

ServiceCorp - Test and Tag first opened our doors in Adelaide CBD & have grown a business that now services clients all around Australia! We are friendly & passionate about delivering the best quality of test and tagging in Adelaide! Our clients are in many different industries from Hospitals, Schools, Factory's & everything in between. We know if we keep our customers happy, everything else will take care of itself.

All of our uniformed staff have full police clearances, years of experience & we also have $20,000,000 in public liability. Test and Tagging is an important part of your business obligations to Australian Standards. At ServiceCorp - Test and Tag Adelaide we are the leaders in the industry and will leave you wanting to tell others about the amazing service you have received by our friendly team.

Test and Tagging & RCD Testing can save life's & we take it very seriously! Working with a reputable test and tag company is very important for your peace of mind & ServiceCorp - Test and Tag are the leaders in Appliance testing in Adelaide & South Australia.

If you would like to find out  more about Electrical Test and Tagging in Adelaide, please click below to learn more.

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