Recalled Electrical Appliances

Recalled Electrical Appliances happen everyday & can cause mass damage or even

failed washing machine

electrocution. That is why it's very important to always be updated with with an electrical appliances that have been recalled. Recalls can happen for many reasons. One of which is if a test and tag technician finds a new item that fails it's first appliance test and tag check. At ServiceCorp - Test and Tag we often find electrical appliances that are brand new & fail our safety test. A lot of this equipment is made overseas where the safety/compliance isn't as strong as it is here in Australia. This is why appliance test and tagging is so important & is required to be done regularly and in line with Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760:2010.

To find recent appliances that have been recalled please: visit

Where the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has created a easy to view list of electrical appliances that have recently been recalled.

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