Emergency Exit Light Testing

You should never undermine the importance of emergency exit lighting testing and tagging. Optimally functional emergency exit lights are the ones that help you keep in place a clear evacuation strategy for emergency situations. The Emergency lights illuminate to create a safe and visible passage to the nearest exit. If you are looking for a reliable and responsible emergency exit light testing and tagging company, you can depend on ServiceCorp/Test and Tagging.

We provide a streamline approach and get the job done efficiently to deliver 100% satisfaction guarantee for our customers.  With the help of an experienced and skilled team, ServiceCorp take care of your safety testing requirements responsibly. You can request for a quote by stating your unique needs online.

Our emergency exit light testing and tagging services are made available at affordable prices. When you get in touch with a testing need, our technicians visit your spot and perform all tasks and prepare the report and other relevant documents efficiently.