Microwave Leakage Testing

Are you searching for a microwave leakage testing and tagging company? You don’t have to look any farther than ServiceCorp/Test and Tagging. We perform the testing and tagging process with the utmost accountability and efficiency to safeguard your interests responsibly.

When you turn on a microwave oven, radioactive energy is generated so that the water in food vibrates fast. This action creates heat to make the cooking process effective.  The energy generated by microwave oven may also get into the living tissue. So, the exposure can be harmful. Further, microwave leakage can intensify the damage.

The presence of dirt or debris, slamming the door, gradual wear and tear, or food particles that get stuck the hinges and seals can make a small gap between the oven door and enclosure. This situation results in the leakage of highly harmful microwaves leak through the small gaps to cause critical damage and injuries to the users. If you want to prevent this situation, you can contact us to perform microwave leakage testing and tagging.